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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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where patrols have been increased. people in berkeley are getting a raise, how much more is it scheduled to go up as the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage, this is channel 2 morning news. good morning, welcome back to the morning news, we are in oakland at the scene of a deadly shooting coming up, alex savage will have more on what happened inside of a nightclub that may help with key evidence. it is wednesday, end pam cook. >> let's talk about weather and traffic. did steel tell you, it is all down and it doesn't look like it has much of a chance.
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coming from north to south and it has given a northwest breeze to the coast and it has actually cooled down a bit. 48 in novato, even 50 in afternoon bay, 57, and there is some very warm and menlo park, it looks leak it is 76 unless you don't like a warm offshore breeze so we have great beach weather and maybe a little less out to the valley but here is sal. steve, we are looking at a commute at the toll plaza which is of course about a 20 manipulate side but nothing
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unusual. no major problems as traffic continues to drive a long, westbound 580, nothing unusual it is okay in dublin and if you are driving, northbound 101, other free bays are together well let's go back to police. ting are having outside of a downtown place. >> reporter: we are outside of the bella lounge and investigators say that is what led up to the shooting and you can see here at the entrance there is a surveillance camera and investigators told us they will be going over surveillance video from this business and other businesses in this areas they try to track down the
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shooter or shooters who were involved and they will continue to talk to others when the shooting happened, this is on 11 11th and 12 when fun firep broke out and he was rushed to hylands hospital but that's where he died. a cook was working here but he didn't hear the shooting and he did see people running and heard screaming outside. he told me the club has security guards and he believes it is a safe place but what happens outside is a ditch story. in this block you never know what is going on. you never know what is going to happen to you.
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>> this was the 54th drop and whom sued to compared at 72. again p.m. are tell searching for the shooting and they are not putting out any description on the people am they are searching for. ktvu channel 2 morning news alex of a advantage. a -- alex savage. 24-year-old richard watkins was killed by a stray bullet. he was standing outside of his home waiting for a relative to park a car when he was shot. the gunman had confronted that relative and for some reason he
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was was not hurt. and so far they are mount any vehicles the crash happened just minutes apart. a 34 bus and car collided near at academy of sciences in golden gate park. the mount any driver was taken to the hospital with back pain. minutes later three people were hurt when a light rail hit a car near third street near the boulevard. they made a left train. now the suspect the back on september 21st, when the victim fell asleep he also had a young girl with him, ransacked the place stealing two big screen televisions a laptop, golf clubs, men's suits and a
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tuxedo. anybody with information is asked to call the santa clara sheriff's office. and they are marking the 21 21st anniversary of a child kidnapping in petaluma that shocked the nation. a man with a knife kidnapped polley clasp when she was having friends avenue for a slumber part. today the eye tall yap resident rap chains will raise money at all of his bay area kids, they are now sawyer ing since glasses -- classes began last month. they have patrols around petaluma and casa grande high
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schools and they have many schools all along petaluma to be alert. >> we have one person with repeat events or a couple of different people who are out there looking for targets. we don't want any targets. >> they have one possible suspect in this stalking case and they are looking for a man who is wanted and was bailed out of jail before the latest inn den -- incident. it alleges anything general charges and slapped the boy after he mid-a miss take. he was returned to the classroom despite several
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protests from parents. they are now looking into annual child abuse training it was signed into law by governor jerry brown monday. they are looking into training making it mandatory for the first six weeks of every school year. the new school year there will be no punishment where they will be open to increase lie and the they are trying to help children are are having vie lense intervention, it is the leading cause of death in san francisco among young and the youth : time now 6:08 the minimum wage goes up in berkeley by a dollar. it is increasing from the $79
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tate minimum dark $9 state minimum wage to $10 per hour and it will raise again october 2016. some business owners are concerned about this debating whether or not they will debate it and the castro does tarp did i districts it began in march. other upgrades begin with new light poles and wider sidewalks. they have more landscaping to do and they plan on adding more palm trees as well. >> 6:09 hundreds of chickens killed, details of the disturbing attack which has led the company to offer a reward.
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a security threat inside the white house and we are finding out about another close call, up next, the elevateor ride with a convicted felon and a gun. problems are beginning to pop up, we will get to the valley and we will show you how much coming up. bulldog: [yawning] it's finally morning!
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. prosecutors in santa clara have filed charges against two brothers in a highly publicized case. it's all because of a romantic relationship between two key investigators. they were charged with killing her 25 years ago. police found her body in the back seat of her car and the charges against the two brothers were dropped after it was discovered that approximater had an a pair with a crime lab tech anything who tested the dna evidence. >> they should know better and they should not have to be told to not to have an a pair with the main forensic witness. this case may be broken beyond
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repair. >> i look at it again and we have to resolve those issues to make sure justice will be served. >> district attorney's office has a poll guyed. they had no choice but to dismiss the case at least for now. the family of the sap fran mother who was hit and killed by a gardener will received a settlement. they were lying in the grass when she was run over by a pickup truck. he drove away from the scene and he was eventually fired and pled not guilty to felony hit- and-run. time now 6:14 the leader of honk congress made a public -- hong kong made a public appeal to go home. they expressed support to nominate candidates for the election of congress honk -- hong kong's next leader in
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2017. the protesters who have been filling those streets want to be treated for their own candidates and while the leader was speaking, the protesters yelled for him to resign. they now say if the leader does not resign by tomorrow, they will step up their actions including occupying several government buildings. back here at home, at the center of that white house security scandal, omar gonzalez has been indicted on charges of intruding armed with a folding knife. he jumped over the white house fence and he was able to make it into the house before they stopped him. he suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder after three tours of duty in iraq. they are finding out about another security breach, which happened two weeks ago when he was in atlanta at the cdc.
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the person was riding with the president and they found out he was armed after they questioned him and after he refused to stop taking photos of the president in the elevator. they are supposed to screen anybody and anybody with a gun needs special clearance. they can save some tough grilling looking into the security breach at the white house. several members of congress told julia peer son they have -- pearson they had lost confidence in her ability to do the job. they asked how they were able to make it so far. >> we are all outragesed out this incident came to pass and that's why i have asked for a full review. it is off kraus mistakes were
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made -- obvious mistakes were made. >> i wish to god you protected the white house like you protected your reputation here today. >> they say secret service agents should have shot him. and we need to get you where you need to go this morning, how did it look something in. >> it is actually okay, there is not a lot going on which is nice. taking a look at some of these pictures showing you traffic is going toes busy as you cross 880 and traffic tip to look pretty good if you are driving through westbound on 92 so you can still see a decent commute there. driving in the livermore valley, this continues to be slow and it is getting slower with the pass. southbound 680 as you drive from pleasanton down to the
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fremont area, again 680 is slow driving towards 684, let's go to steve. >> i was just talking to steve in the newsroom. a little breeze here, i wish i could see the direction. it is northerly, along the embarcadero, that is northerly. some areas, no breeze at all. others have a pretty good breeze, there is a northwest breeze along the coast, northerly and you can see how everything is, that is very dry air spilling in and when we get this kind of a pattern a we will go from the coast to the bay, low-to-mid 80s as you head out to the inland areas and a lot of this is win dependant.
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it can be as warm as it is in oakland. 48 in novato, half-moon bay has gone from 48 to 55 and the breeze has picked up and some locations are warm. gilroy 51 yet above los gatos it is 60 degrees and it is cool to 54. there is not a lot of a breeze but there is a component of it, north but south, northeast at oakland, northwest at novato trying to turn again 41 in tahoe and that will drop in extremely cool temperatures for the middle of the country and not for us.
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no worries for rain, we have clear skies on the beach and we are hating up and here is the first day, the warming will continue and we get more of a high pressure and northeast wind and it looks like it wants to flex its muscles, everywhere, it looks like ideal beach weather wednesday thursday and friday even though the ocean temperatures have cooled off a bit and it looks like sunny and good to go, breezy, maybe out to the valley 88 walnut creek 88 brent woot 84 oakland 89 livermore, north wind east wind kicks in and these temperatures can be all over the place and scenes are pointing to warming up on the coast inland peninsular and all the way into friday and it looks like patchy fog returns and cooling begins on sunday.
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today car makers are reporting september sales and most are forecasting a strong surge as consumer confidence slowly increases. they announce you had sales compared to last year and they say the sale was especially strong staying will be 10 from last year. when replacing current cards, other banks must leave the same technology as the older magnetic strips which up scripts that information -- encrypts that information. ebola virus is talkinged about by a local expert. he now confirms the first ebola
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virus case here in the u.s. coming up, the threat at airports all over the world. a victim of the california wildfire back in the wild, up next to a pair of coyotes and the reason they will not be reunited. [ male announcer ] welcome to no man's land.
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. welcome back, a new study shows which cars get the most tickets. report is the most ticketed car is a bit of a sports car but it is the subaru, pontiac g. the o, see on -- cry on and some of the carses on the top of the list are no longer even made. they are worried about higher fire dangers because of the temperatures and the winds offshore. they are helping to explain the winds offshore 25 people died, four years ago they asked them for a chance to chop them down
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and early next we are they will make an initial -- environmental statement. >> if it means trimming back those trees than they need to maintain them. >> they are asking whether they should be trimmed or completely shut down. either way they want something done right now. and it's now back in the wild. they were hurt pack in may, the female coyote was treated by a veterinarian technician and they tried to remain as hands off as possible so she would not be use you had to human contact. yesterday she was released. >> i am not a parent with a teen going off to college so i don't know the true feeling, but i do think this is the closest i will ever feel.
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>> the male's injuries were too severe and they are now looking for a place for him to live in captivity. coming up at 6:30 the injury he suffered that might lead to permanent damage. arson investigators, coming up, we have exclusive video of one of those fires being set. on the east shore freeway, we are looking at traffic getting busier especially in richmond and we will tell you more about the commute and the bay area weather. skies are clear, they cranked up more at the coast and everybody is pointing to signs on the coast, coming up.
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. welcome back, we are
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breaking news coming out of the south bay and you are looking into a series of fires at an elementary school, this is exclusive video from a ktvu news crew who witnesses one of those fires being set. we have more information about where she is coming up in just a couple of minutes from now. middle of the week wednesday first day of october. >> yep? >> i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, it sounds like you might want to make plans to go to the beach? >> are you asking? >> yes, let's go. >> we have a little breeze for some. we have higher elevations at the surface it is not that bad, coast bay inland, it looks good
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and it's pushed into warm on the south side, half-moon bay was 48 and now they are 55, 49 lakeport, 63 calistoga, there has to be a breeze there, 51 in other areas, no problems for the giants, pittsburgh they have some fog but the rain was the last night and that's gone now, we have clear skies, fire danger is up, breezy up in the hills, yes, it is beach weather but the fire danger is going up in a few days. a lot of 70s and 780s, here is sal. we are looking at the toll plaza and a lot of people want to know what it is doing west
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of the maze and metering lights have been reported at interstate 880, there are no major problems as you drive through traffic it is moving along relatively well, we want to mention, the traffic in livermore is doing occasion, once you get out of pleasanton it does look a little better and if you are driving on highway 242, it is going to be am slow and one thank you might do, use 680 to get on it highway 4 and avoid 232 for now. let's go back to the desk. authorities say two fires were set at simon elementary school in san jose just a short
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time ago. >> you and your photographer got there just in time to see and in fact you called 911? >> reporter: yes, my photographer and i couldn't believe what we were seeing. we came here because there was a report of fire at 5:00 a.m. and we pulled up at 5:00 a.m. and we saw a fire right here in the courtyard. you can seal there were pile on and we were watchingel this when we pulled up to the scene at 5:00 a.m. and again this was a second fire which was sit here at
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simon elementary and you can seeel silhouette. we did see them runaway and there was an employee who witnesses it -- witness dollars it and they did run away. they claim they saw a group of kids setting a fire and they were so scared they said they ran away. right now police are help -- they are helping. they are really trying to track down what is happening and we will have more coming up and you will hear from the fire captain who is out here investigating this. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. it happened shortly after 1:00 outside a down town nightclub and he is in oakland ago legs? >> reporter: shots were feared, one man was hit, he later died and you can see there is a security camera and we do understand investigators are going over surveillance video now hoping it can help lead to 'arrest in this case. the shooting happened before clay street. the map to was shot was rushed to the hospital. it is unclear if he was in the lounge beforehand. a cook said he saw people running and screaming once the fire broke out.
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investigators were here for several hours talking with witnesses and trying figure out what this distribute was all about. >> from what we can gather, we know there was some sort of altercation between the women and the suspect, or the suspect pulled out the gun and shot the victim, that's all we know and they have see a dramatic drop in the number of homicides, homicides are down 2 5% so far compared with the same time last year and last year it counted in connection and they are treatment to identify them, all lent savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a passenger in san francisco claims his driver attacked him with a hammer said
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he may loose his eye. the alleged incident happened on else worth street. the 35-year-old passenger, robert tow chico said they got into an argument with the drier about the root they are taking leaving him bleeding and unconscious. the lawyer for the driver has not responded. somebody broke into a shed and used a golf club to kill 920 chickens. they pulled back the fence to the shed on september 20th, went inside and killed those chickens. detectives say whoever did it is pretty slick and people
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should be a alarmed, they are offering a reward for any information. them coming up, in walnut creek. >> they say it will definitely make them think twice about where to keep their purse and wallets. >>reporter: this is a look around lunchtime where you see a woman standing in the bottom right-hand corner of the frame. she scopes out the place, angles for a good spot behind the victim and after a half hour grabs the victim's purse. she rifles through it steals credit cards and then returns it. the victim is completely unaware. >> i was amazed but i was not surprised but i was amazed
6:39 am
because she spent so much time trying to decide what she was going to do she then went on a 3 those dollars shopping spree. anybody who has information is urged to call police. doctors are trying to lay fears about the first case of ebola virus here in the u.s. the man has not been named but he was visiting family after arriving from the west african nation in liberia. he started having symptoms on september 24th september 24th and sought medical care. he was here when his symptoms became worse is he currently in the isolation ward in crystal -- critical condition. the cbc said he was the only one who could have been exposed
6:40 am
and then monitoring them. el they are all being murdered and they are only contagious once they start to show symptoms. they are now working with the public. an infectious specialist is telling ktvu he does not think it will be the last ebola virus case in the u.s. he went to west after a can to -- africa to help fight the disease and went he went to sierra leonia he was screened before he got off the plane but not in europe or the u.s. >> i was not asked anything in brussels when i landed and not in america when i landed but they have risks as people pass through borders and boundaries. >> he does not believe there
6:41 am
will be an outbreak because the healthcare system is spread through bodies coming up. >> officials are waiting two years before putting the measure on the ballot. and it is heartbreaking, coming up, event taking place here and the disappointment from a's fans from the game last night. we are looking at a commute where traffic continues to be slower and slower every minute that goes on and, on the way to oakland, we will tell you more coming up. susie gillian in travis and vacaville, we will take a look
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coming up.
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. >> well, oakland a's heading back to the area, the game went into extra innings, oakland scored 1 in the 12th inn willing and this is the first straight year-ending in disappointment. and the oakland a's may be
6:45 am
out but today the san francisco giants are hoping to keep the season alive, here is more on the oakland a's heartbreaking loss. >> heartbreaking for baseball fans. >> reporter: they are talking about the oakland a's, it is a pretty tough loss as they talk about this, this morning, we are live, one time to move forward and there is a viewing party at at&t. now taking the hill, this is a winner takes all and when both teams and the regular season
6:46 am
met, it was close for the games but the pirates won 6 of those games and allly four of them. she was obviously disappointed but she is looking forward tonight's game after all the playoffs are a whole new season. >> it is exciting for being in this neighborhood. although they will go a little bit craze-year-old and i will definitely be part of it. >> again this is an elimination game. they will then move on and some say the nationals could take it all when the giants move forward. games openp and this is ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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a heartbreaker, eager to be at the postseason games thanks to his dog. carl is a long time baltimore orioles fan. yesterday he delivered the playoff but world series tickets he had been waiting for, unfortunately his 7 month old burmese mountain doing got to the baggage and pieces of the tickets periods. >> it will to be my playoff tickets. >> pam don't laugh. is he being honest. >> he didn't have to mention the other thing. >> unfortunately the barcodes and the seed location -- seat locations, he didn't eat that and he has no hard feelings towards his hungry dog. >> his wife had hard feelings. let's check in with torii
6:48 am
campbell for a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. north of the border. also a man is dead what happened just before the shooting and who was questioned extensively by police in belgardens. those are some of the stories we are working on for morning on 2. now back to you. how is the toll plaza doing? >> well, it is crowded but we don't have any major problems, dave, and pam, we have a few small things, he is backed up -- up and let's go to the slow
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commute. 101 is also slow getting up to sunny veil. i want to mention near 680, there is a crash near 680, still blocked so if you are driving from highway 4, you might want to think about using 68 to instead of 422. fog free, i just tweeted this out along the embarcadero, and so, it depends on the wind, if you have any kind of a breeze, mid-60s and there is all sorts of attempts, clear skies, we we have a northerly breeze for some, especially out towards vacaville, reports of
6:50 am
very high conditions. they are setting up along the offshore breeze and you can get a 10 degrees spread. tomorrow looks much warmer as you know we can get warm september and october and this is one of those pattern. september and october berkeley to emoryville, mid-80s for some but this can be about 83 or 84 and it depends on what you can get. i don't always buy into this. 52 novato, they were 48 and passive can is 5 -- 50. fairfield 52 and that is coming out towards the each solano county. for some, there is a chill in the air for others 15 out of
6:51 am
the due north. that will do it and same thing for vacaville, a northeast breeze at santa rosa, for the first time in what seems like months, 60 degrees northeast wind, buoy is going down and we have not had a northeast breeze almost since july which is why the water temperatures have been warm and that will cool them off. 50 ukiah, a little cool there, monterey is 54 and for the giants the low for -- 56 and the coast is clear, unfortunately we we have a heck of a fire danger and some of that is out of the north, northeast and that means low
6:52 am
humidity and the end result is over by the coast and san francisco it will be very warm, 80s and 90s and from bodega bay to monera. >> back to you and old radio days, if i am not mistaken. 86 sonoma novato 86 san rafael 86 and pleasant hills in there, antioch, upper 80l1sl0, livermore 89, berkeley 80 degrees, 86 mull pete, santa cruz beautiful and it is always tough here, supplement -- 70 ass -- -- 70s and 86. a convicted felon with a gun. plus gun control and sexual
6:53 am
assaults to plastic bags, to very closely watched bills governor jerry brown just signed into law.
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. welcome back to the morning news, the two men accused of setting several fires in alameda are due back in court.
6:56 am
steven peterson was charged in 3 of the seven fires set early sunday morning. gutierrez is accused of setting the other four and surveillance video shows gutierrez setting a dumpster on fire and witnesses placed peterson at the scene of the fires he is accused of starting, both men are assigned public defenders. and it happened just before a midnight deadline last night. some of those closely watched have to do with sexual assault and gun control. the other will affect the way he shop and the legislation will go into effect on december 21st of the. audrey's law, it is named in memory of audrey pot a 15-year- old girl who died two years ago. she was sexually assaulted while passed out drunk at a party who later shared photos
6:57 am
of the incident with other classmates. the three boys later received sentences of 30-to-40 days in juvenile hall. another bill, the law requires rape kits and forces the labs to process those within 120 days. nancy skinner who offered the bill believes it will help with the enormous backlog and get perpetrators off the streets. it allows family members to petition a judge against a retaping order they consider dangerous. they must take away that american's gun and prevent any new gun purchases. the new law takes affect on january 21st. they will ban plastic bags starting next july, grocery
6:58 am
stores cannot give or sell plastic bags. the following year, conveniences and stores will allow them for fruits, vegetables or for meat. 'rcs investigation cost the city money. what he we found out from police -- what we found out from police and witnesses, stay right here with us.
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we're live in san jose where two fires appear to have been intentionally started at an elementary school. we were there. we'll bring you the story. a man is deading outside a shooting outside this downtown oakland nightclub early this morning. we'll tell you what police say led up to the gunfire and the evidence investigators have to go on. the first confirmed case of ebola in the united states. what we know about the critically ill man getting treatment in texas. we had opportunities to put


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